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Turkey, a country known for its long and rich history and as the home to Eastern and Western civilizations, has organized some of the best events one could imagine. Art fairs, music festivals, dance performances, food and gastronomy, agricultural events, and much more. Because of its generous and diverse cultural heritage, enthusiasts can participate in these events. 

Every year, Turkey hosts a diverse range of festivals in a variety of genres. Each city hosts thousands of international, regional, and local events each year because of its rich historical culture and heritage. Music, culture, art, film and theatre festivals, traditional festivals, gastronomy festivals, sports and competitions, and lifestyle events are all held.

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Arts and Culture Festivals

Performing arts enthusiasts can find distinguished festivals throughout the country. 

Music festivals and concerts are popular in the country with international and local musicians that perform in some of the active cities in the country like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia, as well as Çanakkale all year long. 


Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) is a non-profit cultural institution working to carry out the artistic and enrich the life of Istanbul. It regularly organizes events like the Istanbul Film Festival, Istanbul Music Festival, Istanbul Theatre and Jazz Festivals, Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Design Biennial, Leyla Gencer Voice Competition, and Filmekimi. 

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Traditional Festivals

Turkish traditional festivals play a key role in the cultural heritage of Turkey throughout the year, which act as a major attraction for tourists who are curious about the countries’ unique customs, traditions, and locals who are connected to the country. Some of these festivals are: 


Oil Wrestling Festival

for sports admirers, it is a traditional sport that takes place in Edirne every June. Where wrestlers pour olive oil all over their bodies, and whoever puts his opponent to the ground wins. 


Traditional Festival is the annual celebration of spring which takes place on the 5th and 6th of May in Istanbul and Edirne. 


Şeb-i Arus
The Whirling Dervishes Festival 

is a religious and cultural event, which takes place for ten days in December, in the city of Konya. It is known as the Mevlevi Order, a celebration of the Sufi mystic, Celaleddin Rumi, also known as Mevlana, The Mystic dance is actually a form of worship, while the whirl symbolizes the universe. It usually takes place in November or December every year.

Camel Wrestling Festivals 

are also very popular in the country. This festival dates back to the nomadic times of Anatolia when camels were an essential part of life. It takes place every January. 


Manisa Mesir 
Paste Festival

an important festival in Turkey that has been going on for over 480 years. It consists of many traditional and cultural practices. Local people have a strong and deep emotional connection with this festival.

Gastronomy Festivals and Events 

Gastronomy in Turkey is a major culinary festival where many cultures have come together to form the distinctive taste of Turkish cuisine. Some of the major gastronomy festivals that take place in Turkey are: 

  1. The International Adana Festival of Taste.

  2. Bodrum Tangerine Harvest Fest. 

  3. Slow Cheese Bodrum. 

  4. Gastro Antep International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival.

  5. İzmir Gastrofest. 

  6. International Antalya Street Food Festival.

  7. Istanbul International Gastronomy Festival. 

  8. 101 Tastes of İstanbul Festival. 

  9. Istanbul Coffee Festival. 


Lifestyle Festivals and Events

Where there is art, culture, and food, there is a lifestyle. Turkey abundantly offers unique and exclusive products and services. Fashion trends to sports, entertainment to food, Turkey’s lifestyle events will most certainly create an unforgettable experience.

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