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Turkey, being one of the world’s premier destinations for medical tourism, has shown great focus on growing the medical industry rapidly year by year, attracting people from all over the globe to seize their medical needs by providing them with high-quality medical facilities as well as access to thermal spas and wellness services which incorporate five-star hotel accommodation in a well put together package.

The high standards of Turkey’s medical travels are constantly monitored by independent watchdogs established by the Ministry of Health, together with Independent Turkish Medical Associations, who set the local standards and guidelines that are followed by hospitals, healthcare facilities, and medical practitioners.

Medical tourists jumped in number from 75.000 visitors in 2007 to more than 700.000 in 2017, according to Istanbul Health Tourism and Association. The growth in demand is mainly caused by the low cost of treatment for the majority of visitors. Furthermore, shorter time spent in waiting lines is an effective factor as well. The country also allows the visitor to own private health insurance.

Overall, Turkey has 563 hospitals of which are public, university, and private.

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