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A district in Antalya on the Southern coast of Turkey, it is one of the most loved and popular holiday destinations on the Turkish Riviera. The perfectly warm climate of Alanya welcomes visitors with open arms to enjoy the sun-kissed sandy beaches on the 640km coastline and vibrant colors of sunsets. This gorgeous city is also prominent for its dynamic and zestful orange and yellow agricultural and banana plantations. Alanya hosts a wide variety of Turkish and International restaurants, cozy coffee shops, and pastries with a touch of oriental sweets. For an insight into Alanya’s captivating history and culture, there are plenty of places to visit, castles to explore, the medieval Red Tower, and several museums. Travelers can also relish the city surroundings of peaceful green areas to the famous cave Dim and river Dim. Alanya promises its tourists joy from mornings to midnights with its beaches, parks, seafront hotels, and lively nightlife scenes.

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