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“Land of Myths” was known as “Pamphylia” in ancient Roman times, which means ‘place for all races. A resort town on the Turkish Riviera, widely known for its unrivaled clean, white-sandy beaches, and deep blue seas which are embroidered with pine forest and endemic plants that grow naturally in very limited areas in the world. The paradise ‘Escape of Antalya’ in Belek is a pure miracle of ecotourism thanks to its natural endowments, home to more than 150 types of birds, an Ornithologist paradise!
The main sight of Belek is Koprulu Kanyon national park, where visitors can see eucalyptus and cypress woods, learn about the fascinating fauna of this region, and might see very rare Caretta turtles.
Hotels and resorts in Belek guarantee high-end services to pamper its visitors while on vacation.
This city is a crossroad of civilizations, a fascinating paradise with its antique identity, weaving together its Roman, Greek, and Ottoman heritage with overwhelming memories in the hearts of visitors. 
The warm weather and fresh air encourage travelers to take walks through the woods of Belek to refresh and relax while admiring the natural wonders that surround them.

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