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This breathtaking holiday destination is located at the western end of the Peninsula and has been inhabited since the Neolithic age, making it one of Turkey's oldest and most valuable cities.

Cesme, which means Fountains, can give visitors a hint as to what they will enjoy. The name is inspired by the city's abundance of water sources and is surrounded by crystal-clear blue water that visitors will adore. The blue water here combines with Cesme's lush green landscapes and exquisitely cultivated fields to create an unforgettable and picturesque scene.
Tourists should not miss the plenty of fountains that the city has to offer, such as Maras Fountain, Kitabesiz fountain, and Kandira fountain. Alongside the fountains, the city has a historical side to offer like Cesme Castle, Caravansary, and Cesme Museum. In addition, visitors of Cesmes’ will be entangled with the marvelous activities and excursions found there while also exploring the mystery of the underwater world.

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