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Gaziantep is the capital of the southeast, located on the historical Silk Road, providing information to every metropole. Businesses have been active since the Ottoman era and continue to be so today. 
Gaziantep is home to one of Turkey's largest fairgrounds. Amidst its traditional appearance, the city is truly fascinating and full of experiences, as well as numerous entertainment options.
Original builders of the Gaziantep Fortress are unknown, but there are numerous historical sites, including one of the largest mosaic museums in the world with a 30-thousand-meter square area.
Apart from the culture, this province is well-known for delicious cuisines, which include 500 different dishes originated from the region, including the cooking of seasonal vegetables and fruits; even kitchen museums and culinary art centers designed to enhance observation to enjoy its unique cuisines.
Although Gaziantep is a traditional city, the industrial and commercial sectors are powerful, as its culture enriches travel, making it a valuable and convenient destination for leisure and incentive travelers.

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