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One of Turkey's top beach resort cities, located about 90 kilometers from Izmir on the western Aegean coast, Kusadasi is a superb Cruise Ship Destination.
Kusadasi held remarkable value due to its location at the end of trade routes such as the Silk Road, which helped develop its trading, as it is also known for its extraordinary souvenirs.
There is also a beach in the city center! Sunsets that glow, sandy beaches, endless restaurants, spectacular views, glassy water, and family water parks are just a few of the attractions. Visitors can also take boat tours, visit aqua parks, go on jeep safaris, and participate in other activities.
The Grand Bazaar is one of Turkey’s best shopping centers with a large variety of shops and bazaars with an excellent value of designer goods such as jewelry, silk, carpets, and clothes. This charming city has much more to offer and is more ready to be explored.

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