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Located on the Mediterranean, parallel to the sea, with pleasant scents of oranges, lies Antalya; a destination with various attractions and a touch of every season allowing visitors to swim and ski at the very same time constituting a perfect harmony! Famous for their captivating attractions, theme parks welcome people of all ages for rock climbing, hiking, rafting, tours, and waterfalls. Antalya offers astonishing natural beauties and historical remains from the Taurus mountains that run approximately 560 kilometers to the clock tower in Kalekapisi Square & remains from the Paleolithic to the Ottoman times.  
This city offers unlimited accommodations overlooking the magnificent views of the Mediterranean’s prize-winning marina with its shady palm-lined boulevards from treehouses, bungalows, and luxurious hotels. It has become one of the world’s best-loved tourist destinations. In terms of MICE, Antalya offers a variety of venues and areas able to accommodate different kinds of events regarding capacity and location.
The importance of tourism and MICE sectors are derived from the richness of history from different eras and cultures. 

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