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“Kordon”. In short, time to enjoy life in Izmir. Located on the west coast with an exquisite Mediterranean Europe tradition, Izmir has been visited by locals and international tourists for leisure, hence its natural beauty and variety of water sports. Likewise, the business industry and historical sites that date back thousands of years. With its rich history, it continues to tell stories of past empires and eras; almost every street has remnants of the past, whether historical houses, places of worship, or landmarks.
Being the 3rd largest city in the country, it offers many sides of its contemporary culture and ancient roots. Izmir continues to be an important point for tourism and entertainment. The city’s coastline has been well-known & reserved for its fish.

Izmir is also known to be an international port city, due to its positioning in the western Anatolian coast which explains its perfect summer town, that hardly ever gets cold even in winter months with around 77 days of rain per year.

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