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Bursa today is a leading industrial city with numerous establishments with the most Turkish automotive productions. Bursting with religious monuments, mosques, and tombs aging back hundreds of years.
Furthermore, with natural hot mineral springs in and around the area, most of the accommodations in Bursa provide thermal bath facilities. It embraces a high density of green environments, and large ski-runs in Uludag (Mount Olympos), famously known as a “snow paradise” that has served as Bursa’s attraction gadget since ancient times. For centuries, many people believed that it is where gods and goddesses watched the battle of Troy or where Hercules searched for Hylas during his kidnapping by nymphs, whereas the mountain was inhabited by refugees who wanted to seclude themselves from their daily lives. Because of its reputation, it was named the Priests’ Mountain during the Ottoman Period.
The title Green Bursa comes from its luscious green gardens and parks, with its location being in the center of an important fruit-growing region. In addition to agriculture, Bursa has beautiful traditional architecture engraved on the souls of its visitors leaving behind unforgettable memories.

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